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Tristan Lelong - senior software engineer


Programing language:
  • expert in C development
  • expert in shell scripting
  • good knowledge of assembly, C++, golang, python, HTML/CSS, SQL

  • Large system design
  • Incident responce
  • System reliability
  • Monitoring, Debugging, Optimization
  • Security, Privacy

Embedded software & real time:
  • designing and customizing embedded GNU/Linux systems
  • Yocto/OpenEmbedded, Buildroot, Android, LTIB, PetaLinux, PTXdist, manual
  • busybox, sysvinit, systemd
  • u-boot, barebox
  • Linux driver development
  • Xenomai, Preempt-RT
  • GNU Toolchains, Makefile, autotools, GDB, valgrind, strace, ftrace, perf
  • git, mercurial, svn
  • vim, latex, libreoffice

GNU/Linux systems:
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Package management (deb, rpm, ipk)

  • Freescale: i.MX & PPC QORIQ
  • TI: sitara
  • Xilinx: Zynq
  • Intel: ATOM e38xx

  • ARP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, UDP, TCP
  • iptables, netfilter

Image processing:
  • Implementing algorithms on embedded systems
  • OpenCV


Linux Training Designed and delivered 4 days embedded Linux trainings with slides and labs.
Presentations Designed and presented technical sessions at several conferences: ELC2013, ELC2014, ELC2015, FTF2015, SRECON 2016.
Technical Team leader Monitor and help junior engineers as part of a team, drive project technical direction.
Pre-sales Communicate with potential customer to understand their requirements, analyze, estimate the tasks to realize.
  • French: Mother tongue.
  • English: Fluent.
  • Deutsch: Beginner.


libroxml C XML parsing library designed for embedded systems.
cortex Coredump to text crash report conversion tool.


  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google, Zurich - Switzerland
2016 - Current
Onboard, Maintain, Improve and Optimize large distributed system.
Linux, Monitoring, Automation, Incident response
Improve the security of our production environment.
Cryptography, SSH, Low dependency access control, Multi-party authorizations, Auditing
Technical lead .
Design document, Code reviews, Technical trainings and presentations
  • Embedded software engineer at Adeneo embedded, Seattle, WA - USA
2012 - 2016
Board bring up and BSP customization for multiple automotive platforms.
Yocto, Linux kernel, u-boot, WiFi, bluetooth, systemd, line disciplines
Optimization of NAND accesses for an automotive platform.
Linux kernel, MTD subsystem, DMA
BSP customization for multi-stream video capture/display on an automotive platform.
LTIB, V4L2, gstreamer
Board bring up and system design of a medical video capture device.
Buildroot, Linux kernel, u-boot, OpenGL, QT
BSP migration to Yocto and driver development for a plane monitoring system.
Linux kernel, Dual port RAM, Yocto, PTXdist
BSP customization for boot time reduction.
Buildroot, openGL, u-boot falcon, Linux kernel
Port of several older Linux BSP to the newer LTS version.
Linux kernel, Buildroot, Yocto
Design of update systems for Linux / Android platforms.
u-boot, software architecture, reliability
Debugging for different platforms before production stage.
Linux kernel, bus analyzers, JTAG, GDB, ftrace, strace, debugging
Android BSP customer support.
Android Jelly Bean
  • Research and development engineer at Open Wide, Paris - France
2006 - 2012
Design of an in-flight entertainment system.
EFL, webkit, dbus, sqlite, XML
Design of a Linux system running on a dual core router along with Vxworks
Open Embedded, Linux kernel
Design of a camera quality monitoring server: 10000+ cameras inspected daily.
OpenCV, QT, postgreSQL, NetSNMP
Desingn of a smart DVR using motion detection and PTZ camera.
OpenCV, image processing, mysql
Design of a system monitor for a multimedia platform.
Port of a real-time test bench software for military planes.
Xenomai, Linux kernel, C
Port of a Visual C++ ticketing application to Linux Buildroot system.
Buildroot, Wine


Master of engineering degree, major in industrial computing 2003 - 2006
Master of science degree, major in image and signal processing 2005 - 2006
University Institute of Technology, major in electronics and industrial computing 2001 - 2003


Sports: trekking, mountainering, skiing, swiming, viet vo dao
Travel: north America, eastern Europe, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia...

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